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About the Initiative

The Budgets for Justice initiative, launched January 2022, is a curated platform that brings together open budget data from the Union Government of India over the last few years to reveal trends and patterns in budget allocation and expenditures for the law and justice sector. Our objective is to make budget data more accessible, usable and comprehensive so we can stay informed about how the law and justice sector (including courts, police, prison, legal aid etc.) is funded and sourced.

For Budgets for Justice, we have:

  1. Curated datasets which include budget data between the years 2015-16 and 2021-22 for specific schemes and heads of expenditure under different ministries and departments, such as Union Ministry of Law and Justice, Department of Police under Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Women and Child Development;
  2. Built explorers to visualize time-series and compare budget data for different schemes and heads of expenditure; and
  3. Curated conversations and discussions with experts in the areas of public finance and law and justice to help understand the budgeting process and the data.

To learn more about the data and understand our methodology, please see our data guidebook.

The source code for the Budgets for Justice platform is available on Github under GNU Affero General Public License version 3.0. We encourage all sorts of contributions. You can refer to the contribution guidelines if you’d like to help us build the Budgets for Justice platform.

Do join us on Twitter to stay updated about the project. To learn more about using budget datasets for advocacy, participate in our community events. Subscribe to our newsletter to know more about the datasets and the data contributors.

About our team

Budgets for Justice is a collaborative initiative between Justice Hub and Civis. Our team members include:

Justice Hub

Justice Hub empowers communities for data-driven justice by making legal and justice data open, accessible and actionable. By becoming a shared and open resource for discovering and publishing justice data and related information, Justice Hub aims to encourage a culture of data-sharing and data-use and promote an open-data movement for law and justice in India.

Justice Hub has been co-created by CivicDataLab and Agami.


Civis seeks to build a bridge between citizens and governments to ensure that people’s voice is not just heard but acknowledged and acted upon by those in power. Civis presents various public policies being worked on by the government to their website and encourages citizens to share their feedback. The feedback is then passed on to the relevant authorities to initiate a dialogue between citizens and government and keep the spirit of democracy alive.