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Dissecting India's spend on delivering Justice

Budgets for Justice is an open-source data analytics tool designed to enable citizens to better understand how much government funds are being allocated and utilized for Law & Justice in India.

How big is our Law & Justice Ministry budget?

The allocation for the law and justice ministry is 0.1% of the total budget estimate of the Union budget 2022-23. Compared to the revised estimates for 2021-22, it has dropped by 16% to Rs 4054.94 crore.

What is the budget allocated for building infrastructure facilities for the judiciary?

Budgetary allocation for the scheme 'Infrastructure Facilities for Judiciary' received Rs. 858 crores, i.e., 21% of the total funds for the ministry in 2021-22.

What is the amount allocated for The National Legal Services Authority (NALSA)?

Among the autonomous bodies funded by the Centre, the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) budget grew by 17% to Rs 170 crore.

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