Dissecting India's spend on delivering Justice

Budgets for Justice is an open-source data analytics tool designed to enable citizens to better understand how much government funds are being allocated and utilized for Law & Justice in India.

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About the Budget Explorer

So, what is ‘Budgets for Justice’?

It is a collaborative initiative between Justice Hub and Civis that is making open data on government budgets for law and justice in India accessible, usable and comprehensible so you and I can stay informed on budget availability and financial capacity of the justice system.

What budget data can you explore?

You can explore budget data for institutions like courts, prisons and police and also schemes such as judicial infrastructure or police modernization.



What stories will you unravel?

eCourts Phase II

To improve the justice delivery system, the Government of India is implementing the eCourts mission mode project, introduced in 2007. The project is currently in its second phase, which focuses not only on the computerisation of courts across the country but also on the automation of workflow management which would enable the courts to exercise greater control over the management of cases. eCourts Phase II is a central Sector Scheme under the Law and Justice Ministry.

Infrastructure Facilities for Judiciary

This is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme under the Law and Justice Ministry. Funds under the scheme are utilized for the development of judicial infrastructure facilities for the Subordinate Judiciary in States and Union Territories with/without Legislature and North Eastern Region and Sikkim.

Modernization of State Police Forces

This is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme under the Ministry of Home Affairs. Under this scheme, assistance is provided to States for Special Projects/Schemes for upgrading Police infrastructure, Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems and e-Prisons.

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